Sunflower Invitations Range

Our Sunflower Invitations range of Wedding stationery has proved to be so popular that we have decided to give it a section of their own. What can be seen below is only a sample of the diverse sunflower stationery range that we have produced. Remember we design specifically for your wedding so if you do not see a Sunflower Invitation design that you like just contact us with your ideas and we will produce a unique design for your wedding


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    Sunflower Stem Invitation

    Sunflower Wedding Invitation

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    Invitation Inspiration

    Simple elegant and classic sunflower wedding invitation.

    sunflower invitation

    Long Stem Sunflower Invitation

    Heart Sunflower Invitation

    Monogram Invitation









    Originally cultivated by the North American Indians. The Sunflowers botanical name is Helianthus. The Greek word helios means sun and anthos means flower.